Emma has been my personal trainer for the last four years.  The results that I have achieved to date are largely due to Emma’s combination of diverse training methods, individualised exercise programmes and challenging yet achievable goal setting. Emma is at all times professional, knowledgeable and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Jo Townsend, June 2011

I really enjoy training with Emma, she is nice and it has really improved my fitness.

Harriet Atkinson, June 2011


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PT & Therapy - Men's Health Survival Of The Fittest 2014

Jon has participated in 'Men's Health National Survival of the Fittest' for charity for a few years and this year he decided that instead of buying just the 1 ticket for himself to do all 6 events he would to risk buying 9 and ask around the INSANITY classes we take to create a team which he called  - JP'z Disciples of Fitness. In some of the events the team was even bigger, due to a close location, and we ended up with a team of 15 on Saturday in Manchester and we have just been informed for this particualr event 5 of our ladies were ranked in the top 20% and 5 of our men were ranked in the top 10%.  MASSIVE ACHIEVEMENT!!!!!!!

This year the charity the money is being raised for is 'Action For Children Charity'

We are VERY proud of all of our class members that are helping to raise money for the charity as well as challenging their own fitness. We have seen such a difference in class participants since they started the INSANITY classes and they all keep DIGGING that bit DEEPER which is all we can ask! WELL DONE TEAM!!!! 

There are 2 more events to go which are both on Saturday 22nd November (one during the day and one during the night) in London, GOOD LUCK TEAM. 




On Tuesday 19th August at 8pm we are putting on a FREE Insanity class which is only open to NEW clients. The class is then going to be on every Tuesday at B-Physical pt studio (Grove Park Terrace - off Skipton Road Harrogate) as our other Insanity classes are always fully booked with waiting lists so another class needs to be put on.

Current classes - Monday 7.30pm , Wednesday 8pm and Saturday 9.30am

The class involves a traditional Insanity warm up followed by a brief stretch. Then 3 full Insanity blocks (Plyometrics,Strength,Speed and Agility) which are repeated 3 times, each with there own finishing power move. Then you move onto a brief but intense Abdominal section then the class is finished off by a much needed cool down and stretch section.

The Insanity DVD's are amazing BUT they aren't LIVE and you don't have a Instructor/Instructors helping, guiding and motivating you through the class along with other class participants all experiencing the same thing with you.  


* Classes are normally £5 each and are done on a pre booking and paying system (for example you come to class Tues and you pre book and pay for the following week)

* ALL Insanity classes are at the same location - (As above) Which has a sprung boarded floor