Emma has been my personal trainer for the last four years.  The results that I have achieved to date are largely due to Emma’s combination of diverse training methods, individualised exercise programmes and challenging yet achievable goal setting. Emma is at all times professional, knowledgeable and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Jo Townsend, June 2011

I really enjoy training with Emma, she is nice and it has really improved my fitness.

Harriet Atkinson, June 2011


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Mens Health Champion 2012 - Jon Procter


SO.....WHAT DID YOU DO IN 2012?....
So yes yes at the close of my weekly staff meeting 4pm Friday I noticed
I missed a call on my phone and from a number I certainly didn't
recognise!! Turns out it was from the Manager of RatRace adventure
Sports (there events specialist who run arguably the most challenging
multi discipline / multi terrain / mixed environment races and events
across the UK )

Well RatRace are contracted by MensHealth Magazine to plan and deliver
their National Survival of The Fittest Race Series and in addition to
this they also process the results - times and Championship standings!

Well I was already blown away by the nature of each of the races and
the challenge of doing them all back to back over a 6 week period - and
this feeling was only further magnified by the fact that my main goal
was to complete the 6 races as a 'charity challenge' I invented and gain
sponsorship thru my justgiving page for St Michael’s Hospice ! The
goal was to raise money for the hospice and as I paid for all me travel
cost - accommodation costs and race registration / entry fees any amount
raised would go straight to them and not lost in 'administration'.

With the economic issues as they are I set fundraising target at £200,
hoping that most people would just read the 'my story/challenge/idea'
and hopefully be inspired to just try something new or different , for
their on fitness and health and then maybe even invent something 'they'
could do to for charity!

Well like I said I was already blown away because currently the total
amount raised is closer to £500 and still rising!! So that in its self
has made it all worthwhile! All the effort- the challenge the cold the
mud the pain - (even the bizarre looks from the shop staff when I turned
up on 6 consecutive Mondays to buy yet another set of purple tights!!
Had to keep buying replacements for my costume (as they tend to get
ripped more often than not) in reality its nothing for been given the
opportunity to take on races and challenges with so many people behind
you/ believing in you and the challenge!
To know I'd generated or inspired that level of support and interest
and possibly, hopefully inspired others to maybe try a challenge in 2013
for themselves or others seriously has left me with an amazing feeling.

So to take a call late on Friday confirming that, on top of all that -
the challenge, the fundraising , the support that I was the MensHealth
Survival of The Fittest 2012 National
Champion nearly knocked me over!!! (Especially as this year there was a
30-40% increase in the number of people participating in the challenges,
most likely due to the Momentum from the Olympics. So taking the title
from a field of thousands was and still is a massive high- like I've
been plugged into the mains!

So the MensHealth Survival of the Fittest National Champion 2012 -
ME?? !! -
The result was never the goal - the challenge was and I just want to
thank all those who've supported me (with sponsorship and/or tracked
my updates on the portal/justgiving page and have given me the motivation
to fuel my passion for the challenge)! ....
Effort thru APPLICATION was, and still is my motto - aiming to take on
a challenge for the 'challenge' and in doing so sometimes you get a
result you never dreamed of - up against thousands in a National
Fitness series and its at that point find that 6th gear ! The gear you need to                                      push on, push to 110%

MASSIVE THANKS To all my family, friends, colleges, all the staff at
college, my learners 1st & 2nd years and even to those who might have
heard about my challenge and pass on a brief ‘good’ luck message
around Harrogate & at the races/events, I serious have appreciated all
the support, encouragement, motivation and understanding (with regards
to my apparent 6week addiction to yellow n purple clothing and hair, see
I wasn't going mad it was just my charity costume for the races!)
I cannot begin to tell you all how much you’ve helped me - having
people behind you - believing in you is an unbelievable feeling and
really helps focus your energy! –

Thanks once again,
Jonathan Procter
MensHealth Survival of the Fittest National Champion 2012





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