Emma has been my personal trainer for the last four years.  The results that I have achieved to date are largely due to Emma’s combination of diverse training methods, individualised exercise programmes and challenging yet achievable goal setting. Emma is at all times professional, knowledgeable and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Jo Townsend, June 2011

I really enjoy training with Emma, she is nice and it has really improved my fitness.

Harriet Atkinson, June 2011


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Winter Wipeout 2011

Jon has beaten over 10,000 applicants to appear only on the hit BBC TV show ‘Winter Wipe-out’ with host Richard Hammond. 160 competitors were chosen from the thousands of applicants, with all 160 receiving an all-expense paid trip to Buenos Aires for 6 days. The course which is located in a top secret venue has gained a level of ‘notoriety’ across the world with over 33 nations visiting the set and completing the filming of their own ‘wipe out’ challenges. Russia, Brazil, America all have been hooked by the show and its unique approach to ‘entertainment’.
The competitors were flown out to Argentina for a once in a lifetime opportunity to compete in the winter wipe-out show. The winter wipe-out was filmed in 30 degree heat with the set covered in white foam to look like snow making the challenge very slippy under foot.
Jon said: “I entered the competition because I’ve always look for the challenge in all that I do as this brings to me the spark, the passion, the motivation to do your best and while the recent races I completed (4 races in 14 days for St Michael’s Hospice) were physically demanding the challenge offered up by the Wipeout course is unlike anything you could ever try to replicate. To get onto the show and the course was a once in a life time experience I will never forget.”
 Winter Wipe-out airs every Saturday at 6 pm on BBC1 Until then end of February 2012; look out for Jon in January/February in series 7!
(The Lady in the Picture with Jon on the coach to the 'wipe out course' is Katri Romppainen - A FELLOW CONTESTANT AND NOW.....Good friend who, recently competed in the Scandinavian Thai Boxing Championship -collecting the Silver Medal! so watch out for her in the Winter Wipeout Series.)

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